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About The Trip

Shabbos- Yaakov Wolff

burackz July 15, 2012

We ended  a very exhausting and fun week with an uplifting shabbos. It started with kabbalas shabbos full of singing and dancing. Rabbi Granofsky [rosh yeshiva of Ohr David and rabbi green’s rabbi] joined us as a guest and  spoke to us during davening. After the meal we enjoyed a Sphardi themed oneg, featuring rabbi wex in full fledged sephardic garb.

In the morning we davened and ate lunch, with lots of singing and cholent. In the afternoon we all relaxed and slept, and learned in the air conditioned bais medrash. Before mincha we ate Rita’s ices. After mincha we heard an inspiring  shiur from Rabbi Green about making decisions regarding our religious life. We capped off shabbos with beautiful singing in the lunch room, with the lights off and the sun down.

Afer havdalah we all went to bowling, and ate Pizza, to get us started on another exciting week.