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About The Trip

7/12-7/13 (Mishmar & Erev Shabbos)

burackz July 15, 2012

On Thursday morning, after a late return from Hershey the night before, the guys
dragged themselves out of bed for another exciting day of camp. After an inspiring
learning groups, they had lunch and boarded the buses to go to Randallstown High
School where the leagues are played. It was another Baltimore hot summer day, but
they pushed through another intense couple of games. After nighttime open sports, the
guys returned to the Beit Medrash for our first Mishmar of the Summer. The campers
learned with the advisers for an hour and then Rabbi Green raffled off many awesome
prizes including steaks, Arizona Iced Teas, and even a fridge to use for the summer.
After the raffle, there was a Mishmar BBQ for the whole camp at 12:30 AM!

In Mishmar I learned that its not only about the prizes and even the learning torah, its about having fun and making sure you learned a lesson. And the prizes are just an
incentive. Me and two of my friends learned with my awesome learning Rebbe, Rabbi
Wiener. After Mishmar, Rabbi Green raffled off some awesome prizes and then there
was a camp-wide bbq – Yaakov Kamensky, Pittsburgh, PA

After one league game and a trip to Wal-Mart, we are now getting ready for our first full
Shabbos in camp, which promises to be exciting.