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What a summer!

Dear NCSY Camp Sports Parents,

I hope that this final note of the summer finds you and your son doing well. As you can imagine, the last few days in camp were a flurry of activity. We celebrated Shabbos with the best ruach of the summer and I do not think any of us wanted it to end. One amazing moment of Shabbos was when that the Tzitzis Chabura inspired every NCSYer to wear tzitzis on all of Shabbos. At the meal they asked everyone who was wearing tzitzis to stand up and nobdoy was sitting!!!  I am sure your son has shared with you some of what went on in camp, but here is a glimpse of all that occurred at the end of an amazing summer.

Saturday night we had our final bowling event of the summer and we got to sleep late, but we were excited for the last few days of camp. After a morning of learning and the final league games, we kept busy at night as many NCSYers went out to Ritas and 7-11 as well as a private pool party to cash in many of the learning prizes they had won.

Monday morning we had the first “opposite day” in Camp Sports history.  Instead of learning in the morning we had the league playoffs and learning in the afternoon. It was not a planned opposite day, the weather forecasters thought it might be a good idea to play the playoffs in the morning to make sure we did not get rained out. The playoff games were intense as the teams fought hard to make it to the Kiddush Kup and Toilet Bowl. All the NCSYers came through a great morning of playoffs and we had amazing learning in the afternoon. After learning and supper, we went to Skyzone trampoline park and had a blast bouncing off the walls- literally. It has been such a great journey seeing how the NCSYers came together as camp progressed to become more than friends, to become brothers. It really was the making of a small family this summer.

Tuesday was the last day of learning groups and an intense “Brachos Bee” followed many of the NCSYers who had major learning accomplishments went to David Chus, a local restaurant, to celebrate. In the early afternoon the camp went out to play for the Toilet Bowl and Kiddush Kup. Following the games, we celebrated with a great banquet and an incedible suprise from the NCSYer inspired Tzitizis Chabura, every NCSYer was gifted a pair of Tzitis with the Camp Sports logo. The evening came to an end with some final speeches, a video, evaluations, t-shirt presentation and an inspirational “open mike” kumzitz.

This was truly an amazing summer. It was filled with some wonderful trips, intense and fun sports, some great learning, and of course the inspiration and growth that NCSY specializes in. I want to thank all the members of my staff for making this happen as well as you for sharing your son with us for this month.

As we always tell the boys, Camp Sports never really ends – you are always a part of our family as we try and stay in touch with every NCSYer. Please feel free to be in touch if we can be of any assistance to you or your son. Hopefully, your son will join us or another NCSY program next summer.

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Until then, 

Good shabbos!

All the best,
Rabbi Jon Green

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