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Week two at Camp Sports

Dear Parents,
I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the beginning of summer. Here at NCSY Camp Sports we are doing our best to keep the days filled with meaning and fun. As we complete our first full week of camp it has been wonderful watching the friendships grow, the sports teams compete and watching your son have a great time.
Last week I emailed you as we headed into Shabbos, and I must say we had a great first Shabbos here in camp. The dancing and singing at the meals and davening was great for the first Shabbos in camp and I am sure it will be amazing tonight. We had an optional oneg with Rabbi Moshe Zucker on Friday night and Shabbos day was reserved for catching up on much needed rest and optional classes. As Shabbos ebbed away we gathered together for some singing and a little inspiration. This week we spoke about the concept that if you think you can achieve something that is half the battle. Tom Brady, the super bowl winning quarterback, Rabbi Herman Neuberger one of the founders of Ner Israel (our host for the summer) had a lot in common concerning this trait, and you can ask your son if you want to know more. On Saturday Night we went Duckpin bowling and everyone had a blast, and even learned how to keep score in bowling, a skill that is being lost in today’s computer age.
Sunday night we went swimming after a great day of sport as we played with clouds overhead but for the most part avoided the rain, which was the theme for the week. On Monday we had a sweet trip to Hershey Park, and it rained the entire drive up, but cleared up as we pulled into the park. On Tuesday after a very rainy morning, it cleared up at 1:00 and we went back to sports with an added incentive to burn off all the extra pounds of twizzlers and chocolate we ate. Tuesday night was a unique experience for some of the campers as we played touch rugby, which was fun for all and I think it may have been the first time NCSY played rugby in our over 50 year history. Wednesday found us back on the road again for a two part trip. The first part of the day was spent go-karting, golfing, batting and bouncing at the Family Recreation Center near Hagertsown MD. After that we went to see the favorite sports team of Camp Sports, the Hagerstown Suns. The game was a lot of fun, the Suns won and we saw a fireworks show after the game. On Thursday we had a great morning of learning and began our second packet of the summer, this one is about Yom Kippur. Everyone who came to learning groups got a free Dunkin Donut, but could not eat it until the end. It was great way to learn about self-control and some of the messages of Yom kippur. At night we started our 3 on 3 basketball tournament which followed a day of sports.
Thursday night we were honored to host Mr. David Cutler the Director of NCSY Summer programs. We gave him a grand welcome. When he got up to speak all the NCSYers put on the NCSY summer programs sunglasses they received as a gift from NCSY. We all had a fun moment. He welcomed all the NCSYers to NCSY it was really nice for him to come and visit us.
Thank you very much for trusting us with your son.
Have wonderful shabbos ,
Rabbi Jon Green

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