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Week 2 update

Dear Parents,


Our first full week in camp has been truly incredible!  This week the weather and the camp spirit have been heating up and we are all feeling that special Camp Sports spirit growing stronger.


This past Shabbos we were joined by David Cutler, Director of National NCSY Summer Programs.  It was great to have someone from the national office and he brought tons of ruach, yummy food, and excitement.


Shabbos was uplifting, fun, and meaningful.  On Friday night, we danced and sang our way through Kabbalas Shabbos and a delicious meal.  This was followed by an oneg run by our very own Daniel Gul, which we called a Shabbos GULneg.  Shabbos day continued with more ruach, grade-wide board games, optional shiurim, awesome singing and ebbing with Rabbi Green.  Then on Saturday night we went to bowling and pizza!


Sunday was a full day of activities.  During learning groups, we learned about three different realms of chessed/ kindness: kindness to oneself, repaying kindness to others, and doing acts of kindness for complete strangers.  As a chessed to ourselves, we wrote personal notes that will be placed in the Kotel by David Cutler.  Alumnus Yaakov Wolf, who is now serving in the IDF, came and spoke to us.  Each camper then got a name of a soldier to pray for as well as a bookmark with a prayer for the soldiers.  We also started a program called No Talking or Texting for Tehilla (learn more about Tehilla at  We sent Tehilla two Hello Kitty books, which are her favorites, with a post-it note from each NCSY-er in the books.  When Tehilla reads the books with her parents, she will know each note represents another person who is praying for her.  The day continued with sports in the afternoon and an awesome pool party at night!


On Monday we started with our daily learning groups and then headed to Lancaster, PA for some awesome trips.  We went to Laserdome for lasertag, a light show, and frisbee golf!  Then we went to Spookynook, which is America’s largest indoor sports park!  We continued our learning groups and sports leagues on Tuesday and had another pool party for 20 campers who won a raffle.  We kicked off our Mishnayos basketball league (MBA) on Wednesday, and then had an exciting trip to see the Hagerstown Suns Minor League baseball game, which they won 12-3!  The team really appreciated our cheering, especially since we made up almost half the crowd!

We finished off the week with our learning groups and sports and had an awesome mishmar raffle Thursday night.  Campers won balls and paraphernalia from the Suns game, and one camper even won a portable BBQ!  On Friday we had learning groups in the morning and went to play sports and Walmart.  We are looking forward to another great shabbos!

Watch you email from National NCSY,  Camp Sports is featured in the weekly summer programs video.


Rabbi Green

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