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This week at Camp Sports

Another great week at Camp Sports! Shabbos was great, and we had tons of incredible learning, singing and dancing. We also had onegs Friday night. Campers went with their league teams to different Rabbi’s homes. We had grade wide programs after davening where each grade level discussed how they can continue to learn and grow next year. On Shabbos afternoon we had ebbing, singing, and a beautiful shalosh seudos. Then we went to bowling on Motzei Shabbos which was tons of fun!


Sunday was a fast day, the start of the Three Weeks of mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple.  We had regular learning groups and then a trip to Shabsi’s, the local Judaica store. NCSYers went with our staff and were able to pick out a free book, which was sponsored by Lander College for Men. At night we had a program with the topic of priorities. Then we watched a movie about Elie Weisel’s return to his shtetl. To show our Jewish unity, we joined with the Ohr Haner camp (a second camp on campus for South and Central American teenage boys) for a kumzits at sunset.


After learning groups on Monday, we had an exciting trip. Actually the NCSYers were able to choose from three different trips: paintball, a ropes course, or a hike.  All of the trips were awesome…until it started raining, but only at the very end. On the way home, we were stuck behind an accident on the highway and were stopped for two hours! But the boys were great and thank Gd we got home safely.


Tuesday was a typical day at camp with learning groups and sports leagues. At night we had a pool party and a shiur given by Rabbi Green, entitled, “Bad Things, Good People.”


After learning groups on Wednesday morning we went to the harbor in downtown Baltimore for a full day of activities. We had an interactive scavenger hunt and an awesome dinner at the park! Then we played frisbee on Federal Hill and went to an Orioles game! Every camper was given a name of player on either team and was able to earn prizes if their player scored points. Campers cheered for their players and earned awesome prizes, like dinner from a restaurant!


Our Thursday we had a great day of learning and sports that made it through the rain which was perfect for our night activity of slip and slide kickball. That was quite the scene and I was jealous watching their fun. Thursday we had mishmar, a great raffle and a chulent contest.


Friday we lead into Shabbos with some very nice learning followed by sports and our last trip to Walmart. We are looking forward to an amazing Shabbos in camp.



Have a Great Shabbos

Rabbi Green

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