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Third week in camp!

Dear Parents,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. Here at Camp Sports we most definitely are! 

Last week I emailed you right before what turned out to be an incredible Shabbos. The dancing and singing at the meals and davening was great, and I am sure it will also be amazing tonight. We had an optional oneg with the awesome NCSY Camp Sports Kollel on Friday night, and Shabbos day was reserved for catching up on much needed rest with an amazing class from Mr. Jeremy Lavitt. As Shabbos ebbed away, I spoke at shalosh seudos about actualizing potential and knowing that each NCSYer has their role in the wolrd as we gathered together for some singing  inspiration. 

On Saturday Night we had a rockin ‘Melave Malka with Olam DJ and DJ Balagan with incredible dancing and an epic game of competitive musical chairs. We then had a beautiful siyum by Moshe Nimchinksy on Mishnayos Seder Nezikin. It was very meaningful to do the siyum at camp since he decided to start learning at the end of last summer after his summer at Camp Sports. What an incredible accomplishment! We ended the night with pizza and some more dancing! 

On Sunday we had a late wake up followed by learning and an amazing program from Rabbi Avi Landa, on mindfullness and staying grounded in complex situations. After league games, the boys had some more time to play open sports in the evening. 

On Monday after a great morning of learning, we went to Hershey Park! The NCSYers had a “sweet time” with all the rides the park had to offer. 

On Tuesday we had a great day filled with learning and sports. The teams are really enjoying all of their bonding time together on and off the fields!  On most days half the teams win and half lose but everyone is playing hard, having fun and learning great sportsmanship! Tuesday night we had continued our 3 on 3 basketball competition as well as games of Sikeball and new for camp 2022…Pickleball.

On Wednesday we started off our day with meaningful learning groups and then headed to our nation’s capital, Washington, DC! The boys enjoyed a scavenger hunt by the National mall and many teens got to check out the various Smithsonian museums in the area (as well as the many scooter rentals). We then headed to Hains Point for a scenic and delicious BBQ dinner. Shortly after the bbq and frisbee oin the park we made our way to the DC United soccer game in Audi Field. The guys had an awesome time cheering on their favorite team and the game ended in a draw with both teams tying 2-2. The energy level was high in that field! 

On Thursday, after a morning filled with learning, our NCSYers played sports in the beautiful weather. Later that evening we had incredible and creative video presentations from the teens about their learning groups. The boys were tasked with creating a video about Brachos, this years learning program’s focus. It was amazing to see what the guys came up with! Congrats to the winning teams! Shortly after we had an amazing mishmar and the beis madras was filled with the sound of guys enthusiastically learning with one another. We then enjoyed another fabulous late-night BBQ! 

Today we are getting ready for a meaningful Shabbos in Camp. After learning groups and leagues many groups of teens will be going to the Kosher supermarket to stock up for some essentials before the fast. 

Wishing you and your family a meaningful fast this Sunday. 

Stay tuned for more info in next week’s letter!

Have a great Shabbos,

Rabbi Jon Green

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