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Super Amazing Second Week Report!

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying your summer. Here at NCSY Camp Sports, we keep the days filled with meaningful and fun activities. As we complete nearly our second week of camp, it has been wonderful watching friendships develop, sports teams compete, and especially seeing each camper enjoy the fabulous days at camp, even with some extra rain mixed in.

Last week I emailed you as we headed into Shabbos, and I must say we had a great first Shabbos here in camp. The dancing and singing at the Shabbos meals and davening was memorable. We are all looking forward to another great Shabbos which we hope will be even better. Last Shabbos, after an inspiring davening and Shabbos meal, each league team joined together for an Oneg where we got to know each other off the field.

Shabbos Morning we heard an amazing Dvar Torah and later in the day about the elections 2020 from Dr. David Luchins. Dr. Luchins is a former assistant to senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and is currently a Dean at Lander Touro College. Dr. Luchins and his wife Vivian, who is the founding chair of NCSY’s Summer Committee, joined us for Shabbos and spoke to the NCSYers. 

The Shabbos day meal was also inspirational and full of the famous Camp NCSY Sports Ruach. In the afternoon we caught up on some much needed sleep, we ate the third meal, and joined together for singing and inspiration. As Shabbos ebbed away, I spoke about getting the most out of camp and not missing opportunities. On Saturday Night, we had a blast bowling.

Sunday was a late wake up from our busy Shabbos. After some learning in the morning featuring some special Q and A break out groups we headed out to sports, we played two sports games and later that night we started our camp 3 on 3 basketball league. On Monday we also played our awesome league games and the competition was fierce!

On Tuesday we traveled to Guppy Gulch aqua waterpark for an awesome time in the sun! It was a super hot day and the NCSYers had an incredible time on the water. Afterwards we had a delicious BBQ and a beautiful bonfire with singing and laughter. 

Wednesday was a jam-packed day with a trip to the Baltimore inner harbor. We started off doing a super crazy and fun scavenger hunt with so and so winning! We then headed to Federal Hill park for Mincha and a picnic dinner. The guys enjoyed some pick-up sports games while we there. After that, we went to the Baltimore Orioles baseball game! Though they lost the game pretty badly, the teens had a great time cheering them on anyways!

Thursday brought a day filled with intense leagues. After Mincha the campers took a trip to laundromat to prepare for the nine days or open sports games. Right before Maariv and mishmar we had the honor of hearing from Rabbi Yehoshua Marhcuk about the amazing Bike NCSY program being held on August 8th. We have started a Bike NCSY team, and any NCSYer from camp who signs up and raises the $250 will be entered into a raffle for an electric scooter. Feel free to join our team or learn more at  Mishmar is optional but most NCSYers showed up and got rewarded with late night Dougie’s poppers and wings sponsored by David Cutler.

We are looking forward to another great shabbos. Today we will play a league game and go to the kosher supermarket or Target to restock and get ready for Shabbos! 

One last note: to reach the office, please call our secretary, Penina at 917-900-2271, or my cell phone 516-316-8782.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Rabbi Jon Green

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