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Pre Shabbos note from NCSY Camp Sports

Dear Parents,
I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. Here at camp things are heating up as we get rolling for an incredible month in Baltimore.
Thank you very much for sending your son to NCSY Camp Sports this summer. We will do our best to make this summer an exciting, fun and growth oriented experience. I hope to send you weekly updates throughout the summer. I also encourage you to follow us on the Camp Sports Blog, our Twitter account, Facebook and more. You can find everything at . I highly recommend watching a video about the first two days at camp which can be found on our website this afternoon. Thank you to Shimmy Socol for putting together a great video in such a short time.
Before I tell you about the first two days at camp I wanted to let you know a little about what happens here at NCSY Camp Sports. Our daily schedule has davening(prayers) at 8:15 am followed by breakfast and individualized learning groups until noon. After lunch we either go on a trip or play league sports, we then head to dinner at 6:00. Evenings are spent with activities, open sports, some classes and trips. Wednesday night we had orientation followed by the opening ice breaker program to present this year’s learning topic, the Ten Commandments.
Every Thursday night we have a special learning program which is followed by a raffle. The prizes included a freshly barbecues steak, a Soda Stream machine and fridge, a lounge chair for your dorm room, a wireless waterproof speaker and a bowling pin lamp (this was to introduce the Saturday night bowling trip). We ended the night with a late night Barbecue.
Today we will be learning, playing one sports game and going to Walmart to stock up our dorm rooms. I let the NCSYers know that they should get ready for shabbos since it is a big day, that is why we should all shower and put on bigday shabbos (shabbos clothing). We look forward to having a great Shabbos filled with spiritual fireworks. Friday night is full of singing and dancing and this will lead into a great week. We will hopefully be going two trips this week and you can read about that next week, or on our blog, .
Have a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Jon Green

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