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Pre Shabbos note from NCSY Camp Sports- 3

Dear NCSY Camp Sports parents,
Our second Shabbos in camp was beautiful. Shabbos was truly a bonding experience for all the campers and staff. It was filled with dancing, an oneg, great meals and an opportunity for everyone to catch up on some sleep. Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland, noted author and chazzan led an inspiring oneg with chulent, some great words of Torah and even some jokes. Shabbos afternoon we heard an inspiring speech from an alumnus of Camp Sports, Jeremy Lavitt about comparative religions. As Shabbos was ending we all came together to sing and hear words of encouragement from Rabbi Cooper about helping each other out in all we do. Everyone had a great time and the camp really came together as a group and we all enjoyed the specialness that Shabbos brings.
Saturday night was the only Saturday night of the summer we will not go bowling. We had a bonfire and kumzits with Rabbi Kurland. The NCSYers had a very meaningful time and sang and listened so beautifully. I highly recommend the video we made about the kumzits, you can find it on the NCSY Sports page at

On Sunday we had an awesome day filled with learning and sports! After a packed day, we went to the dining room for a unique dinner experience. Not only did we eat, but the boys participated in an exciting and mind-blowing murder mystery played by professional actors. As the NCSYers watched and tried to figure out who the murderer was, staff and NCSYers acted alongside the professionals. This was a great culmination of our first ten commandments learning packet about the law of “lo tirzach” “one shall not kill.” A fun and meaningful experience was had by all.
On Monday we had a free throw contest and you wouldn’t believe how talented your boys were! Not only was it awesome, but the contest was a fundraiser for Chai Lifeline and we raised over $700!! Later, when we heard about a tornado warning in Baltimore, we decided to cancel tubing and go instead to Laser Tagging – a safe indoor sport!

Tuesday, Shiva Asar B’Tammuz was a meaningful day for all involved. As we entered the three weeks, our goal was to help the NCSYers start off this time period in an inspiring way. We started off the day with learning groups followed by a recap of all of Jewish History in merely 20 minutes! We then let the boys rest and later in the afternoon, we began learning again. We heard a meaningful speech from Rav Mutty Twersky and we watched a video about the Holocaust. In the last hour of the fast, we played a values game, where the boys were challenged to choose which values they thought were the most important. This game raised many different discussions and it was impressive to see the boys interact about important life matters.

On Wednesday after a great morning of learning we headed to Washington, D.C. Some campers first went to the Holocaust Museum , and then went to the Mall to visit the Smithsonian Museums. Others went straight to the mall. After a meaningful and enjoyable afternoon, the boys enjoyed a delicious BBQ in a beautiful park overlooking the water. Once all were fed, instead of traveling straight back to camp, we took the NCSYers to an awesome activity- jumping at Skyzone! Your son enjoyed bouncing off the walls and an incredible time was had by all!

On Thursday, we started off the day in beautiful 80 degree weather. We began with learning followed by sports. The day ended with a pool party for some winners of learning contests and a chance for others to catch up on laundry and rest. The best part of the week was seeing so many NCSYers participate in optional late night Mishmar learning as a merit for the Jews in Eretz Yisroel. The night ended with raffles and a chulent contest. On Friday we greeted the Director of NCSY Summer Programs David Cutler and Rabbi Yehoshua Marchuck Director of NCSY alumni who will be spending Shabbos with us.

A special thank you to our very talented camper Shimmy Socol for producing some amazing videos this summer. I encourage you to go to our website and take a look. Pictures are worth 1000 words and they are definitely more descriptive than these 737 words
Have a great Shabbos,
Rabbi Jon Green

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