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NCSY Camp Sports week 3 report

Dear Parents,


We had an amazing week here at NCSY Camp Sports!


This past Shabbos, we had an inspiring and exciting Friday night davening with dancing and singing that continued through the meal.  After the seudah, we divided into eight onegs at different homes on Yeshiva Lane in the Ner Yisrael campus. It was a pleasure to see how welcoming the community of Ner Yisrael was to our campers.  We had a very meaningful Shabbos day filled with spirit and fun, and it was enhanced by our guest Jeremy Lavitt, an alumni of NCSY Camp Sports who gave us a very interesting class on comparative religions. After Havdalah we had a blast participating in “The Great Tefillin Rap Off”, a competition where each learning group had a chance to present a rap about what they have learned thus far about tefillin. We were joined by the well known Jewish rapper, Etan G, who served as our judge for the competition. All the groups did an impressive job creating unique and entertaining performances. Following the competition we had a delicious ice cream party and ended the night with dancing.


On Sunday, we started the week with learning groups in the morning and competitive sports throughout the afternoon. We ended the day with swimming, which was so refreshing after the day’s heat. On Monday, we had a fun trip to Hershey park! Everyone had a an incredible time and enjoyed the sweetest place on earth.


Tuesday was the 17th of Tammuz, a fast day that begins the time period known as the Three Weeks. During this time, we mourn the loss of the Bais Hamikdash (Temple). We had learning in the morning, and in the afternoon we watched a inspiring movie about those who survived the Holocaust and rebuilt their lives after all of the destruction they experienced. In addition, we played an interactive Jewish priorities game, which gave the campers an opportunity to think about and discuss and reflect on what matters most to them in life. As a camp, we ended the fast arm in arm singing in a beautiful kumzits. We then had a much needed break-fast and the NCSYers participated in the NCSY Camp Sports Annual Free Throw Contest for charity. We raised close to $800 for Chai Lifeline, a non-profit organization that primarily works with children battling cancer and provides support for their families. After the Free Throw Contest, we enjoyed some fresh midnight pancakes.


On Wednesday, we broke out Mid-Summer Madness AKA Camp Sports Color War! We went to a beautiful park to play sports, paddleboat races, and had a fishing contest. At night we got into wacky games including human hungry hippos. On Thursday, Mid-Summer Madness continues with three learning contests; Who wants to be a Mishnayaire, Torah Roll Bowl, and a Brachos Bee. In the afternoon, we played a competitive round of sports, had a dunk tank, fought each other in a jousting ring, and ended off the activities with an amazing Apache Race, which created everlasting memories for all!  The Madness ended with a comedy skit, banner contest and singing of the team anthem. Congratulations to the Red Team for winning, but the real congrats goes to all the NCSYers and staff who made the two days a whole bunch of fun. We were lucky to have the special treat of having David Cutler, Director of NCSY Summer Programs, come join us for Mid-Summer Madness.


After the winner was announced we all came together again for an exciting mishmar filled with learning, chulent, and prizes.


Today began with learning groups and weather permitting, we may play sports or go to laser tag. We are hoping for sports! After our fun activities, the NCSYers will spend the rest of the day going to Walmart and getting ready and pumped for the third Shabbos of The. Best. Summer. Ever!


We look forward to a great Shabbos and wish the same to you,


Rabbi Green

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