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Dear parents and NCSYers,
Snapple Fact #5774: This is the first and last year (well, it will again in about 70,000 years) that Chanukah and Thanksgiving coincide. You can see the data and read the charts yourself by clicking here. Let’s appreciate this once in an eternity opportunity by reading an amazing dvar torah by Asher Gritz:

Chanukah is a time of miracles and celebration. During this time, we can see that our lives are full of amazing and miraculous events that we always love to celebrate. This year, however, Chanukah falls on Thanksgiving!! It happens to be that the origins of the two holidays are completely opposite; the Jews fought off oppression and persecution from the Greeks while the Indians were oppressed by the Pilgrims. However, this year not only will we be celebrating the miracle of the Maccabees but we should also feel more thankful for it.

The story of Chanukah consists of two miracles. The major miracle that Hashem made during the story was the victory of the rag-tag, though heroic, Maccabees over the massive Greek army. The other miracle was the oil of the menorah lasting for eight days instead of only one. However, according to the Maharal it wasn’t until the second miracle happened that the Jewish people realized that the war was a miracle as well. Quite literally, the light of the menorah shined a light on the miracle of the Maccabees victory.

We can learn from this that we should see everything in our lives as a miracle and not wait for it to be pointed out to us. Moreover, we should all be thankful for those miracles in our lives and celebrate them like our ancestors did.

Hope You all Have a Great Thanksgivukah!!!

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