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Dear parents and NCSYers,
I would like to apologize to all those who did not receive the e-mail last week. I was unable to send out the e-mail normally due to difficulties with the e-mail system. This week, we get to experience an amazing dvar torah from Adam Huttel:

In Parshat Toldos, we see Yitzchak is praying for a child. In perek 25, pasuk 21, it says “Isaac entreated Hashem opposite his wife, because she was barren.” “Entreated”, Rashi says, means that he prayed increasingly to Hashem with much more strength than usual. It says later in the verse, “Hashem allowed Himself to be entreated by him.” What does this expression of prayer mean to us?

Rav Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld says an unbelievable thing. The day of Avraham’s death happened to be on the same day that Eisav started going in his evil ways. Why did Avraham pass away on that same day? Rashi says, Avraham really should have lived to 180 years old, but Hashem cut short his life by 5 years so that he should not have to see Eisav turn towards his evil ways. There is a clear question we could derive from here. Why not let Avraham live out his full 180 years like he was supposed to and just have Eisav be born 5 years later?

We see from here the power of prayer. Because Yitzchak persistently prayed (entreated) to Hashem over and over again, he was able to change Hashem’s fate for Avraham. Yitzchak wanted a child so badly that Hashem just could not resist answering his prayer, even at the expense of 5 years of Avraham’s life. Because Yitzchak put all his strength into his prayer, “Hashem allowed Himself to be entreated by him.”

We can learn a valuable lesson from Yitzchak. Rivkah was barren for 20 years, and Yitzchak still found the incredible strength to pray to Hashem. He proves that if there is ever anything in our lives which we yearn for so badly, then we should never lose hope in praying for it. Whatever plans Hashem has for you can be changed through the power of prayer. What might seem impossible to you in your eyes can be easily changed by Hashem in the blink of an eye. We should all merit to have the same intensity of prayer that Yitzchak had, so that our prayers, with the help of Hashem, could also be answered.

Have an amazing Shabbos and may all your prayers be answered!

P.S. If anyone would like to write a dvar torah for the weekly e-mail, please contact There will be an awesome prize in camp next summer for any NCSYer who writes one!

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