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Dear Parents and NCSYers,

This week we have the privilege to hear a dvar torah from our favorite kollel member, Davey Odzer:

In this week’s parsha, we end off the 10 Makkot with Makkot Bichorot. This is when Hashem killed every first born Egyptian, human or animal, while leaving all of the Jewish firstborn untouched. Because this miracle was done through the first born, Hashem decided to sanctify every first born with the privilege of serving in the Bait Hamikdash. Even though subsequently they lost there right to serve due to their participation in the Agel Hazahav (The gold calf). Nevertheless some Kedusha still remains in them as we see so evidently from the mitzvah of Pidyon Haben given to us in the week’s Parsha.

Rav Simcha Zissel, the Alter of Kelm, poses an interesting question. Granted the miracle of Makkot Bichorot was done thought the firstborn, but why is that a reason to bestow on them such privileges? The firstborn themselves had nothing to do with being the firstborn to their families, and furthermore they had no active role with the miracle of Makkot Bichorot. There whole role in everything was totally passive. So why did Hashem give them such an amazing reward, such as serving in the Bait Hamikdash, for really not doing anything?

Based on this question, the Alter of Kelm tells us that a very important lesson. Someone who mikadesh shaim shamayim (sanctifies Hashem’s name) to that extent, even if done in a passive role, will merit a tremendous amount of bracha for that kiddush Hashem. He further exclaimed that if this is the reward someone receives for a passive kiddush Hashem, then we cannot even begin to imagine the reward someone can get for being mikadesh shame shamayim actively.

The message from Pidyan Haben is clear. Throughout one’s day a person can make a kiddush Hashem in whatever he does. We don’t even have to change our schedule in the slightest. All we have to do is continue what we are already doing and do it properly so that someone will say, “Ahh, look at how Jews behave.” And through this we could receive unimaginable blessing from Hashem and bring Mashiach bimayharu Viyumaynue amen.

Have an amazing Shabbos!

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