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NCSY Camp Sports awesome first week report

Dear Parents,

We are excited and thankful that your son has joined us at NCSY Camp Sports this summer! We are sure that this summer be exciting, enjoyable and a growth oriented experience for each one of them. I will be sending weekly updates throughout the summer, so please make sure to read them to hear what’s going on throughout the week! I also encourage you to follow us daily on the Camp Sports Blog, our Twitter account, and Facebook to see pictures and more. You can find everything at

Our daily schedule has davening (prayers) at 8:15 AM, followed by breakfast and individualized learning groups until lunch at noon. After lunch, we either go on a trip or play league sports, followed by showers and dinner at 6:00 PM. Evenings are filled with activities, open sports, some classes,night activities and trips. You may hear about some of these from your son and you can use these emails to keep track of what’s going on here in Baltimore.

It was great to welcome everyone to camp on Wednesday.  We spent the day getting settled and organized. After dinner and orientation, we met our learning group and played an intense game of Panapoly. The winning groups won a pool party that was held last night.

Thursday was the first full day of camp.  Following the first morning learning session with our advisors, the NCSYers then split up for their league games.  Such great friendly competition, half the teams won and half lost, but everyone had a great time. After league games and dinner, the winners from Panopoly set out with Rabbi Dani Cooper, Assistant Director of NCSY Camp Sports, to enjoy their private pool party. Those who did not go swimming stayed on campus for a dorm dodgeball game. Congratulations to the first floor even numbered rooms on winning a trip to Rita’s Ices..

Thursday nights at NCSY Camp Sports have a special learning program which is followed by a weekly raffle. This week we raffled off some vintage NCSY t-shirts, a great portable speaker, a case of gatorade.and much more.

This afternoon we are going to play some sports and head to Walmart to stock up our dorm rooms. Then the campers will get ready for shabbos since it is a big day.  That is why we should all shower and put on bigday shabbos (shabbos clothing). We look forward to having a great shabbos filled with ruach followed by a great week!  We have exciting activities planned for next week, including swimming and a baseball game! You will hear about all of that in next week’s email or can follow our blog,

Thank you for sending your son to camp this summer!

Have a great Shabbos,

Rabbi Jon Green

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