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NCSY Camp Sports as we head into Shabbos number 3

 Dear Parents,

We had a very exciting week here at NCSY Camp Sports! This past shabbos, we had an inspiring Friday night davening with dancing and singing that continued through to the meal.  After the seudah, we split up into a few onegs at staff members apartments. We shared stories and heard Divrei Torah and spent time learning more about each other with some meet and greet games. The ruach continued through shabbos day, with an amazing davening and shabbos day meal. During the afternoon, we heard an inspiring lecture given by camp alumnus Jeremy Lavitt speaking about comparative religions.  We ended shabbos with singing, and I spoke to the NCSYers about the unique mission of each Jew. After havdalah, we enjoyed our typical motzei shabbos, with late night bowling and pizza.

Sunday morning started with a special presentation from former NCAA Division 2 assistant coach, Chaim Katz. He left us with some great Torah messages we can learn from sports. In the afternoon we got back to Sports with two league games. Sunday night we had our 5 on 5 basketball leagues and our Outdoors Club met.

Monday started with some great learning and then we headed out to the sweetest place on earth……Hershey Park. The weather was wonderful, the lines were short and everyone had a great time going on rides and eating chocolate. On Tuesday we had a great day of learning and sports. Some NCSYers won prizes to go to the NY Yankees vs. the Orioles game and enjoyed a heartbreaking Yankee loss. The rest of us stayed behind and had a great night of open sports and trips to some very yummy Baltimore restaurants.

Wednesday afternoon we had an amazing 3 on 3 basketball tournament, caught up on some laundry and went to 7-11 for free slurpee day. After an early mincha we got on the buses and headed out to Hagerstown Maryland to watch the A-league Suns. We had a tailgate barbecue and then watched NCSYer Ben Richmond throw out the first pitch. He won this prize that morning which was also his birthday! The Suns lost but we still had a great time at Bark in The Park day with the Suns. A big thank you to our staff who dressed up as dogs (and one hot dog) to add to the fun.

On Thursday we had learning groups and league games. During the day we had a very special visit from David Cutler, Director of NCSY Summer Programs. He drove in to see our program for a few short hours and we were honored he took time out of his very busy schedule to spend the day with us.  He spoke to many of the NCSYers individually and bought everyone Dougies so we could get some last minute meat for dessert before the 9 days began. After our league games, we had a free-throw basketball and frisbee contests to raise money for an Camp Sports alumnus who is getting married in August, but unfortunately lost both his parents. We have already raised close to $1000. We continued our night with mishmar which included learning, prizes, and pounds of kugel.  

Friday morning started with learning groups and will continue with league games an some shopping trips.

We look forward to a great Shabbos and wish the same to you,

Rabbi Green  

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