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Last Shabbos Report!

Dear NCSY Camp Sports Parents,

As we head into our last Shabbos, it is once again exciting to look back at the busy week we had here at Camp Sports.

Shabbos here at camp just keeps getting better – last week we had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the weekend. On Friday night we danced and sang from Kabbalas Shabbos through the meal and all the way to the Onegs late into the night. We had a big Oneg with the Camp Sports Kollel and really enjoyed the unity between us all.

On Shabbos day we tried something new after our pre-Mussaf Kiddush. We divided into two groups for an “ask the Rabbi” session. It is always amazing to hear the NCSYers’ great questions and for us to be challenged to explore the answers with them. We also used this opportunity to let every teen know that they should not leave camp without asking any questions they may have during the remaining week and a half.

At the end of Shabbos we shifted into a more serious tone to prepare for Tishaa Baav.  We moved into the Bais Medrash to sing together and as Shabbos ebbed away Rabbi Cooper spoke about how to not missing opportunities that rea paced before you to grow in your judasim use the mourning as an introspection and take something we relate and understand to contemplate on Tisha B’Av. .

After Shabbos was over we read Eicha and joined together for a kumzitz. Tishaa B’Av morning we spent time learning kinnos together with the Rebbeim in camp and advisors. We explained ten Kinos, sang and had a meaningful morning. In the afternoon we watched videos about the meaning of the day, davened Mincha and played a values game.

Following this part of the program, we joined together with camp Ohr Haner. They are a small group of young men from Mexico and Venezuela who share our campus. We had a kumzits together, which was a fitting way to end the fast – showing love to our brothers who may not even speak the same language as us. Towards the end of the day we had the honor of being addressed by Rabbi Hauer, the Executive VP of the Orthodox Union the parent company of NCSY.

After the break-fast, we got treated to Dunkin Donuts and went out to play basketball and Frisbee!

On Monday after a powerful learning session the boys were given the option to go tubing, biking, or to a minor league baseball game against Team Israel. All three groups had a blast in the respective trips, and the energy felt on this trip was incredible! It has been amazing to see all the teens come together and really have a great time. After we got back from the trip the NCSYers got a chance to go to Shabsi’s Judaica House to pick out a sefer for themselves. The sefarim are generously donated by Landers College for Men, and the boys enjoyed consulting their advisors and rebbeim on which book could be helpful to them and their personal growth process. 

Tuesday brought us a competitive day of sports in preparation for the playoffs at the end of the week. The weather was gorgeous and the NCSYers had a fun day in the sun! Tuesday night featured a pool party for some special campers who won raffles. On Tuesday evening the teens hit the Beis Medrash for an awesome learning program. It’s awesome seeing the guys so into their learning this year!

On Tuesday we also finished the Free Throw and Frisbee competition to raise money for our Bike NCSY Team. Feel free to sponsor any member of our team at 

Wednesday we woke up ready to learn again and then headed out to paintball or ropes. After an exhausting day for both groups we all ended up at the paintball for a camp-wide BBQ and to watch the final paintball games. I think most of the camp fell asleep on the way home as it was a tiring day no matter which course you took. Thank you to all the parents for filling out the waivers!

Thursday was another busy day at camp with learning and league playoffs. Win or lose, our guys always have a great time playing together! Congratulations to the teams that made it into the Kisddus Kup and Toilet Bowl championships games on Sunday!

After dinner each learning group presented a video on what they learnt this year throughout morning seder. The videos came out so great! It was an honor to see just how much the teens learnt this summer!

Our last mishmar of the year took place and it was fabulous. Rabbi Zucker and his son, Rabbi Zucker led a beautiful oneg at the end of mishmar before we drew some amazing raffle prizes and feasted on a late night barbecue. The late-night learning was dedicated leiluy nishmas my mother, Malka Chana Bas Yosef Halevi, who passed away earlier this year. 

Today after learning we will have an opportunity to play non-league games so the NCSYErs can pick their favorite sport to play! Following that game the boys are going to head to the pool to cool off and have fun in preparation for an awesome Shabbos! We are looking forward to our last Shabbos of the summer with even more ruach than the last three!! It is going to be amazing!

Have a Great Shabbos!

Rabbi Jon Green

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