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Heading into our last Shabbos!

Dear NCSY Camp Sports Parents,

As we head into our last Shabbos, it is once again exciting to look back at the busy week we had here at Camp Sports! 

Shabbos here at camp just keeps getting better! On Friday night we danced and sang from Kabbalas Shabbos through the meal and all the way to the Onegs late into the night. We had a smaller breakout onegs and really got to know each other and our staff members. 

On Shabbos day we had some fun during our meal with special visits from past NCSYers and advisors. Here at Camp Sports we are family for life and it was awesome for the teens to see that once a Camp Sports guy, always a Camp Sports guy! 

At the end of Shabbos we brought our chairs out to a large circle outside to sing together. As Shabbos ebbed away, under the setting sun, Rabbi Cooper spoke about how to not miss opportunities and take advantage of how great you can be.  After Shabbos we had a blast bowling with our usual 1am pizza party with extra gatorade to fuel up before the fast.

On Sunday we observed the fast of 17 bTammuz and had meaningful learning groups in the morning, the NCSYers got a chance to go to Shabsi’s Judaica House to pick out a sefer for themselves. The sefarim are generously donated by Landers University for Men. The boys enjoyed consulting their advisors and rebbeim on which book could be helpful to them and their personal growth process. As the day came to an end we got back together for a learning program about “The beginning of the end”  culminating with  camper Isaac Meyers speaking and a kumzits all together, which was a fitting way to end the fast. After the break-fast, we got treated to Dunkin Donuts and went out to play basketball and Frisbee!

On Monday after a powerful learning session the boys were given the option to go hiking or play wacky sports in Bethesda, MD. The teens had a great time on both the challenging and scenic hike, and playing wacky sports. We then regrouped for a rocking BBQ. Though our minor league baseball game got rained out we did not waste a second and headed back to campus for a crazy night of Zucker wars! This is a night activity that our NCSYers will never forget! Zucker Wars is a competition between five teams that is filled with zany and entertaining games. A few examples of the games were: finding a penny in a bowl of flour without using your hands, drinking a full baby bottle of soda, watermelon eating contests and more! Check out our Instagram and photo because words cannot adequately explain this night activity.

Tuesday brought a great day of learning and leagues followed by a Free Throw and competition to raise money for our Bike NCSY Team. Feel free to sponsor any member of our team at You can also join our team and ride.

Wednesday we woke up ready to learn again and then headed out to paintball or ropes. After an exhausting day for both groups we all ended up at the paintball for a camp-wide BBQ and to watch the final paintball games. I think most of the camp fell asleep on the way home as it was a tiring day no matter which course you took. Thank you to all the parents for filling out the waivers! Be sure to fill out this last waiver for our upcoming trampoline trip- 

After we got back each learning group presented a video on what they learnt this year throughout the morning seder. The videos came out so great! It was an honor to see just how much the teens learnt this summer! Shortly after that we had great fun playing a Brachos memory game where the NCSYers gotta put their learning this summer to the test!

Thursday was another busy day at camp with learning and a really special lecture by Rabbi Hauer, the Executive VP of the Orthodox Union, the parent company of NCSY. After that we headed straight to leaguesfollowed by a pool party to cool down after a hot day! Later on we had our last mishmar of the summer with a fun and delicious cholent contest. The teams were North versus South. The cholents all tasted so different and it was a hilarious experience tasting and enjoying each style of this Jewish stew. The contest was followed by a beautiful musical Kumzitz led by Rabbi Zucker. 

Today after learning we will have an opportunity to play some of our last league games before the playoffs on Sunday. After that the boys will head out for our fun runs to the local kosher market and target as well as a pick-up baseball game, to prepare for shabbos. 

We are looking forward to our last Shabbos of the summer with even more ruach than the last three!! It is going to be amazing!

Have a great Shabbos!

Rabbi Jon Green



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