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Have a Great Shabbos

Hey Guys,

I hope you have started to recover from a great summer. I am sure that we will all be lonely this Shabbos without that Camp Sports spirit for Shabbos. In order to help you get through this hard time I have included two items you can share with your family before Shabbos.

The first is a link to a great song that will keep your shabbos table buzzing. Click here

The second is hopefully attached as a music file. It is the song we sang at Shalosh Seudos. This version has words but you do not need to pay attention to them.



I hope you all have a great Shabbos and I wanted to share with you again the 3 great lessons we learned from the Wright brothers.

1- Do not be afraid of failure. Be prepared and get back up.

2- It only takes one little idea to get started. The whole plane idea got started for the Wrught brothers with that little propellor toy.

3- Anyone can fly, especially you.


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