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Good Erev Shabbos Camp Sports!!!!

As all of us head into Shabbos I wanted to send each of you a wish for a super special Shabbos. I can honestly say I will miss our dancing tonight, our classes on Shabbos afternoon and wondering if I could beat the Fink or if Barak’s companions would survive his latest adventure.

Although this past month seemed to fly by and it seems that it was only yesterday when we started,looking back I was amazed by what we accomplished.

We had  some awesome trips and grew together with new and old friends.
We played some great sports and got to be part of some great teamwork. I hope you can all keep your team Whatsap groups going.
We met some great staff members and did some amazing learning. I hope you keep that learning and friendship going as well.
I hope we each learned something special about how you can be better in your Judaism. Each of you in your own unique way.

We all had an amazingly fun summer and I hope you can join us, or another NCSY summer program next year. I have attached a keep in touch list of campers and staff, you can use it to ………………………..….here it comes………………………………..keep in touch.

All of the weekly videos have been posted. We still have more pictures to post and Jeremy Lewis plans on making another video or two. I will let you know when they are posted, but until then enjoy the ones we have now to get a little of the camp spirit!!)

Have a Great Shabbos and I look forward to seeing you soon,

Rabbi Green


Keep In Touch 5778 – Sheet1

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