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Camp Sports Pre Shabbos News- Vol 2

Dear Parents,


I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the beginning of summer. Here at NCSY Camp Sports, we are doing our best to keep the days filled with meaningful and fun activities.  As we complete our first full week of camp, it has been wonderful watching friendships develop, sports teams compete, and especially seeing each camper having fun.

Last week I emailed you as we headed into Shabbos, and I must say we had a great first Shabbos here in camp. The dancing and singing at the meals and davening was great, and I am sure it will also be amazing tonight.  We had an optional oneg with Rabbi Kimche on Friday night and Shabbos day was reserved for catching up on much needed rest and optional classes. As Shabbos ebbed away, Rabbi Zucker spoke at shalosh seudos and we gathered together for some singing  inspiration.  On Saturday Night we went bowling and everyone had a blast.


Sunday was the 17th of Tammuz, a fast day that begins the time period known as the Three Weeks.  During this time, we mourn the loss of the Bais Hamikdash.  R Kimche spoke in the morning about facing challenges and growing from them. His speech was based on video  clips from the Lion King and was enjoyed by all. In the afternoon the NCSYers played a values game and watched some meaningful videos until the fast was over. program, values game.  Sunday night we broke our fast on some great food and then at 11:00 everyone got Dunkin Donuts.


Two a day league games started on Monday.  After some learning in the morning, we played fun and intense games. Monday night we went swimming after our long day of sports.


On Tuesday, NCSYers were able to choose between two awesome trips: paintball or ropes course.  We split up and had a great time at each trip.  At night, the whole camp went on trips  to 7/11 and everyone got ice cold slurpees and snacks. We are proud to report we got over 80 slurpees in under an hour.


Our league games continued on Wednesday, and we spent most of the day outside with perfect weather.  Some boys won a prize to have a private pool party, and were able to enjoy that on Wednesday night.


Thursday morning began with an interesting speech from Rabbi Chaim  Loike from OU Kosher about animal kashrus.  He brought live animals to demonstrate different parts of his speech!  After lunch, we went on an awesome hike in Patapsco State Park.  The hike ended at a pavilion in the park, where we set up a BBQ and some sports.  Optional mishmar began when we got back to camp, followed by another BBQ with prizes. (A two BBQ day!!!) On Thursday night, we were honored to host Mr. David Cutler, the Director of NCSY Summer programs. We gave him a grand welcome. We all had a fun moment singing in camp sports style Dav-id Cut-ler and it put a big smile on his face to see the NCSYers with so much spirit. He welcomed all the NCSYers to NCSYand shared some meaningful thoughts.

We are looking forward to another great shabbos.  Today we are going to play hockey and take a trip to Wal-mart.


Thank you very much and

Have wonderful shabbos,


Rabbi Jon Green


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