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Dear Parents and NCSYers,
I hope that everyone is continuing to have an enjoyable summer. Lets enjoy our last couple of weeks of vacation with a dvar torah from Yaakov Abramovitz:

There has been a request that i give this dvar Torah in the Scooby Doo voice. My response: ruh uh, ruh uh (not even for two scooby snacks).

In this week’s parsha, Parshas Ki Seitzei, we read about the אשת יפת תאר, the beautiful prisoner of war. The Torah tells us that when the Jewish nation goes out to battle, it might happen that a Jewish soldier will see an attractive girl from the enemy camp and want to marry her. Now I know what you’re thinking: here comes another example of something that we want to do, that God says is ‘off limits,’ But surprisingly, in this case, the Torah says that the soldier may marry the girl (after an…interesting conversion process) even though a Jewish man is usually prohibited from marrying a non-Jewish woman. Why in this case does God allow something that is usually forbidden?

We know that God is the Manufacturer of mankind, and therefore it is safe to say that He knows and understands the inner workings and inherent natures of humanity more than anyone else can. The Rabbis explain that God knows the rough and brutal experience that is going to war. The soldiers are tired, sore and sweaty (sounds like Camp Sports…just without the mishmar raffles) and therefore are more vulnerable to giving in to temptation. God knows that if a weary soldier in this situation comes across an attractive girl, then he will be unable to hold himself back from marrying her, even if it is forbidden to do so. Therefore, God permits what is otherwise prohibited so as not to give someone a challenge that he cannot handle.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY LIFE?! But in reality, the lesson works the other way. If we see that God never gives us a challenge that we cannot handle (after all, He permits the soldier to marry the non-Jewish woman), then that means that any challenge that he DOES give to us, must be doable.

So if you ever find yourself feeling, “Uch, this stuff is too hard for me,” then just remember, that if God is putting you in this situation then that must mean that He has complete confidence in you that you can rise to the challenge, that you can “get up and dance.”

Sometimes it might be hard, but you can always call or text an advisor, kollel guy, or member of the head staff. We’d all love to hear from you no matter what is going on, especially if you have any new ideas for Pizza Man…

Have a Fantastic Shabbos!

P.S. If anyone would like to write a dvar torah for the weekly e-mail please contact or There will be an awesome prize in camp next summer for any NCSYer who writes one!

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