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Awesome First Week Report!

Dear NCSY Camp Sports Parents,

Thank G-d camp has gotten off to an amazing start. It is always amazing to watch how quickly nearly 80 teenagers from across the US, Israel, and the UK come together.

I hope to share with you weekly reports on Fridays, but before I get to that I wanted to let you know of other ways you can find out about what is happening at Camp Sports. We have exciting ways for you to connect with camp in ongoing and engaging ways. We have a camp blog which will have updates on camp events, a Facebook page and Instagram handle which showcases daily pictures and videos of camp events . All of these accounts are updated throughout the day. All you have to do is go to to check out all of the excitement of camp.

On Monday, once all the NCSYers arrived we had a brief orientation program followed by dinner and a fierce four-way dorm floor vs. floor dodgeball game. The winning section of the first floor will get Rita’s ices next week. 

On Tuesday morning, we kicked off our learning program. We have two one-hour learning sessions each day. One of the groups is learning some amazing information about Shabbos. In the second learning group, the NCSYers choose what they want to learn. After learning, during lunch, the NCSYers found out which sports team they are on, which is always exciting. Then we headed out to the fields for a great afternoon of leagues! After dinner we went for an evening swim and cooled down from the long hot day! 

On Wednesday, after a packed morning seder we headed out to Hershey Park! Even throughout the rainstorm at the end, the guys had an awesome time at the park. 

On Thursday we had a great day of sports! We got slightly rained out at the end but in the evening we had our famous famous optional Thursday night Mishmar learning program. The learning in the beit midrash was beautiful. The night ended with a kumzits, raffle, and barbecue.

Today, we hope to play two league games. Yesterday because of the rain at the end of the day we did our Pre- Shabbos shopping early and offered the boys a trip to the kosher supermarket. I let the boys know that they should prepare for Shabbos since it is a big day in Camp , and we should all clean our rooms, shower, and put on proper bigdei shabbos (shabbos clothing).

We look forward to having an uplifting and fun shabbos filled with ruach!

Thank you for trusting us with your son this summer. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can be helpful in any way. Looking forward to a great week ahead!

Have a wonderful shabbos,

Rabbi Jon Green

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