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Amazing Third Week Report!

Dear Parents,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. Here at Camp Sports we most definitely are! Last week I emailed you right before what turned out to be an incredible Shabbos. The dancing and singing at the meals and davening was great, and I am sure it will also be amazing tonight.  We had an optional oneg with our star advisors and alumni on Friday night and Shabbos day was reserved for catching up on much needed rest and amazing classes from Rabbi Granofsky and Mr. Jeremy Lavitt. As Shabbos ebbed away, Rabbi Fried spoke at shalosh seudos and we gathered together for some singing  inspiration. He spoke about seeing and utilizing your individual potential. On Saturday Night we went bowling and everyone had a blast.

On Sunday we had late wake up followed by learning and intense league games. Even with all the hot weather, it’s been amazing playing all these games together. After mincha, we had a night activity that our NCSYers will never forget: “Zucker Wars.” Zucker Wars is a competition between four teams that is filled with zany and entertaining games. A few examples of the games were: finding a penny in a bowl of flour without using your hands, drinking a full baby bottle of soda, watermelon eating contests and more! Check out our Instagram and photo because words cannot adequately explain this night activity . 

On Monday after a great morning of learning, we went to Bethesda, MD to enjoy some wacky sports or a hike before we headed out to the Bethesda Big Train baseball game. The Big Train are a minor league team who enjoyed our amazing spirit as we cheered them on with large signs and fun dances. Right before the game the amazing Yonatan Abrahams- made a siyum on  and we all enjoyed a tasty BBQ in the park. The Chugga Chugga choo choo chants made the game excting even though the Big Train lost.

On Tuesday we had a packed day filled with learning and sports. The teams are really enjoying all of their bonding time together on and off the fields!  On most days half the teams win and half lose but everyone is playing hard, having fun and learning great sportsmanship!

On Wednesday we started off our day with meaningful learning groups. In the afternoon we headed to Lancaster for a great trip day! Our first stop was Laser Dome where the teens enjoyed competitive laser tag competitions, and cool arcade games. After a siyum by Rabbi Fried who finished we enjoyed a BBQ in his honor. After the siyum we headed out to Spooky Nook, the largest indoor sports complexes in North America. The guys had an incredible time playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, and climbing rock walls. 

On Thursday, after a morning filled with learning, our NCSYers played sports in beautiful weather-finally! After mincha we had a free throw contest and frisbee contest  for tzedakah run by our awesome advisors. The donations  benefited our Camp Sports team in Bike NCSY (Link to donate: ).

We also had a very special siyum that took place on Thursday night by one of alumni, Avi Chansky. Avi was a camper in camp sports for a number of years and is now back from his second year in Yeshivaat Mevasseret. Avi made a promise to Rabbi Zucker four years ago that he would finish Mishnayos, but felt bad that he never upheld his promise. This past year Avi spent time working towards this goal, and though he is not in Camp Sports this summer, he came in with his family to make a siyum with Rabbi Zucker and the Camp Sports family. In Camp Sports we believe in keeping the close connections that we make with our mentors and peers no matter where life may take us. 

Later that night we had an amazing mishmar and the beis madras was filled with the sound of guys enthusiastically learning with one another. We then enjoyed an ice cream sundae party with delicious cakes! 

Today we are getting ready for a meaningful Shabbos in Camp. After learning groups and leagues many groups of teens will be going to the Kosher supermarket to stock up for some essentials before the fast. 

Wishing you and your family a meaningful fast. 

Stay tuned for more info in next week’s letter!

Have a great Shabbos,
Rabbi Jon Green

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